Key Success Factors (KSFs) in Talent Acquisition

The Key Success Factors in Talent Acquisition include: Create employer brand awareness through campaigns, videos, social networking and other engagement TA leaders and teams be open to innovative thinking, roll out and [...]

What Is Agile HR?

AGILE HR – WHAT IS IT? Agile HR is all about responding to human capital needs (at organization, team and individual levels) in a quick, positive and engaging way. [...]

Transforming the Talent Acquisition Function – Part 1

Why Agile Talent Acquisition? Agile Recruitment or Agile Talent Acquisition is a part of Agile HR and companies like IBM, General Electric, and few more have started practicing it real-time. War [...]

Psychological Safety: a necessity for organizational success

What is psychological safety?  It is defined as “being able to show and employ one’s self without fear of negative consequences of self-image, status or career” (Kahn, 1990). In a psychological safe environment, individuals [...]

Agile PeopleOps Framework

Agile PeopleOps Framework

Today agile practices are not just limited to engineering function but quickly spreading across various other functions including Human Resources (HR). Irrespective of the company size or industry type, [...]

Selection Approach for Corporate Executives

Every job family is unique and dynamic in its way with regards to the job requirement; task functions; knowledge, skills, abilities and other characteristics (KSAOs); contextual factors; individual differences [...]

Candidate Journey / Experience Map – Do You Think Your Organization Might Need One?

Its high time organizations realize and reiterate the fact that best candidates are no different from best customers. There could be no better brand ambassadors than a happy and [...]

A Quick Introduction to Agile

A Quick Introduction to Agile

In today’s 21st-century business era, leaders across different industries and functions (like marketing, human resources, sales, supply chain) realize the importance of Agile practices and the need to drive [...]

Recruitment Process (Traditional and Agile)

Agile Recruitment, Recruitment Traditional Recruitment Process Traditionally, the first step of the Recruitment process is to identify the current vacant positions, set up budgets for hiring new recruits, onboarding, and training.   The entire process involves job analysis, writing a job description and, sharing it on various [...]

Traditional Recruitment vs. Agile Recruitment

Agile HR, Agile Recruitment, Recruitment, Talent Acquisition [...]