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A curated collection of resources for those who want to become more agile.

Webinar - Archives

Where is HR going?

The COVIC-19 pandemic affects our lives, but we will survive and go into a whole new world. Before this global crisis, leading business organizations are aware of the global challenges and drivers that demand radical change instead of incremental modification. COVID is just a perfect case showing to us that change is unavoidable and unpredictable. A crisis can happen at any time in any form.


This webinar will explore where the HR professionals are going and what roles expect them if they are serious about the new future. We will also assess their awareness and readiness.

The State of Agile HR

Culturelligence and Parmonia are excited to bring to you yet another webinar, “The State of Agile HR“.
Participants will explore Agile through the lens of HR/Talent, facilitating a conversation that will intentionally look to eliminate barriers to agility in the PeopleOps space. Our purpose is to clarify misunderstandings of Agile as purely a technical (software development) framework while presenting it as a powerful resource that can and should be embraced by the HR community.

1. What is Agile
  • Brief history
2. How Agile can be leveraged in HR
  • Is Agile limited to Software Development and other technical/digital areas of work?
  • How the digital age pushes HR to drive organizational agility
  • Thoughts on Agile principles, tools, and practices in HR
Culture and Its Impact on Lean/Agile Transformation

Culturelligence and Parmonia are excited to bring to you yet another webinar, “Culture and Its Impact on Lean/Agile Transformation“.
Participants will gain an understanding of what culture is, how it is formed, and how it evolves. We will discuss how organizational culture and Lean/Agile interact with one another and what is needed to build a culture that supports the Lean/Agile principles.

1. What Culture Is, and Isn’t
  • How it is formed & evolves over time
  • A research-based model for measuring culture and identifying its levers for change
2. How Culture and Lean/Agile Interact
  • How culture shows up in typical interactions and efforts, and what the research shows about culture and Lean/Agile success
Building Agile Mindset and Culture

Today, agile mindset and culture matters the most for organizations and teams transformation.

What to Expect from this Webinar?
  • Why companies and teams need to nurture agile mindset & culture
  • Understand the importance of mindset / culture, and the implications to agility
  • Explore the core elements of agile mindset & culture
  • Understand how each core element can transform companies and teams
  • Participate in group activities for real-time practical learning
  • Open forum for questions and answers discussion
Organizational Culture & You: How to Support Your Wellness

Culturelligence and Parmonia
are excited to bring to you yet another webinar

“Organizational Culture and You: How to Support YOUR Wellness, No Matter Your Culture!“.

Have you ever wondered why work takes such a toll on you? And then thought, what can I even do about it? Or maybe work is “good,” and you’re looking for it to feel “great!”

Join us as Amber introduces Human Synergistics’ culture model and explores workplace wellness on the individual level.
  • Introduction
  • Culture-Wellness-You
  • What is Organizational Culture?
  • What is Workplace Wellness?
  • How Culture and Wellness Intersect, and Why it Matters
  • Tips to Boost Your Workplace Wellness – No Matter Your Culture!
  • Looping Agile In.
  • Q&A

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