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APF Certified PeopleOps Coach™

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Agile PeopleOps Framework™

The Agile PeopleOps Framework Certified PeopleOps Coach™ is for senior business and People Operations (HR) leaders, including Vice Presidents and Directors, entrepreneurs, consultants, and coaches.

Attendees will develop practical skillset to apply the Agile PeopleOps Framework™ (APF™) philosophy and the ability to drive HR transformation and business agility.

Certified PeopleOps Coach becomes trainer, coaches, and mentors leaders, managers, and teams to adopt an agile-lean mindset, implement human-centered design principles and techniques, and build a constructive workplace culture.

The sessions are highly interactive. Mini-assignments and activities serve as food for thought.

Your Journey to become an

APF Certified PeopleOps Coach™

Attend the Course

This live instructor-led course is 4 days (6 hours per day). Attend all the sessions. Participate in discussions and activities.

Apply your Learning

Choose a real-time or hypothetical case for your capstone. Chart a transformation roadmap based on your learning.

Get Certified

Debrief your capstone to your instructor. Submit the final version. Attend the online exam and pass with a 75% score.

Outcomes and Benefits of

APF Certified PeopleOps Coach™ (APF CPC™) Certification

Why attend APF CPC™?

  • You are interested in redefining and organizing the HR function and organization/client to make them future-ready.
  • Your organization/client is keen to transform the work, workplace, and workforce.
  • You are eager to elevate the people experience at workplaces and make it holistic and sustainable.
  • You are interested in future skilling your people operations (HR) team to harness agility and positive stakeholders’ experience.
  • You want the team to pilot agile-lean practices and human-centered design techniques and scale them.
  • You are intentional about building a coaching culture within the people operations function and organization.
  • You are interested in introducing and maximizing the communities of practices to build a learning organization.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand why human experience and business agility are imperative for People Operations (HR) and the future of work.
  • Learn what Agile PeopleOps Framework™ is and its value realization within teams and organizations.
  • Gain a holistic viewpoint by understanding the organizational culture, climate, and systems thinking.
  • Learn to use agile-lean and design thinking tools and techniques to create a great workplace experience.
  • Understand the transformation roadmap, prioritize your HR initiatives and projects, and deliver talent solutions effectively.
  • Learn the PeopleOps Coach competencies and how APF personas and stakeholders can partner to leverage the human experience and business agility.
  • Gain insights on how to create a coaching culture within People Operations (HR) teams and build a learning organization.


  • Receive your APF CPC™ certificate, badge, access to marketing collaterals, and license purchase to the training courseware .
  • Conduct APF CPSM™, APF CTSM™, APF CPS™, and APF CTC™ trainings (public and private) and implementation programs.
  • Annual membership (to be renewed every year)
  • Invitation to Coaching Labs courses, coaching practice, and mentoring sessions
  • Partner with global People Operations community members to augment collective intelligence and implement new practices