Organizational Culture & You: How to Support Your Wellness

Culturelligence and Parmonia are excited to bring to you yet another webinar, “Organizational Culture and You: How to Support YOUR Wellness, No Matter Your Culture!“.

Have you ever wondered why work takes such a toll on you? And then thought, what can I even do about it? Or maybe work is “good,” and you’re looking for it to feel “great!” Join us as Amber introduces Human Synergistics’ culture model and explores workplace wellness on the individual level.

  • Introduction
  • Culture-Wellness-You
  • What is Organizational Culture?
  • What is Workplace Wellness?
  • How Culture and Wellness Intersect, and Why it Matters
  • Tips to Boost Your Workplace Wellness – No Matter Your Culture!
  • Looping Agile In
  • Q&A