Sourcing Meetups: a Sourcing Strategy in Talent Acquisition

The talent Acquisition landscape is being redefined.

Why one should opt Sourcing Strategy/Talent Acquisition?

The failure of traditional talent acquisition and recruitment practices to hire the right talent at the right time, the exponential growth of social media and networking, technology disruption, a plethora of unreliable and unqualified talent, the war for HiPos, and other internal-external challenges have enforced a revolution in the talent acquisition process.

Most organizations, Talent Acquisition/Human Resources leaders, and change agents are seeking new ways to source, screen, assess, and hire talent. The article “Sourcing Parties Vest Employees in the Recruitment Process” – – well explain how triad (hiring managers, recruiters, and employees) can collaborate to boost sourcing via sourcing parties/source jams (I prefer to refer to them as “sourcing meetups”).

The core intent of sourcing meetups is to:-

  • discuss priority requisitions or candidates with hard-to-find skills and capabilities.
  • seek suggestions from employees and explore sourcing techniques.
  • utilize employees’ connections and their network.

The talent acquisition team devises a strategy to reach potential candidates and implement the action plan. On successful recruitment, the employee(s) who refer the selected candidates are awarded a Referral Bonus.

When TA teams and employees ‘own and commit’ to the talent acquisition process, they are more likely to contribute toward TA agility.

What are your thoughts on sourcing meetups? What other sourcing strategies can we as TA practitioners implement? If you are interested in brainstorming and sharing your thoughts on this key topic, please comment or connect with me. Thank you!

, Published on January 21, 2021