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Reflecting on an Exceptional 2023: A Year of Milestones and Successes!

As we bid farewell to 2023, we can’t help but celebrate the extraordinary achievements that have shaped our journey this year. One standout triumph has been our Global PeopleOps Internship Program, a perennial success that reached new heights.

🌍 International Impact: This year, we proudly welcomed more than 350 interns from 12+ countries, fostering a truly global inclusive community. What’s even more exciting is that a significant number chose to extend their stay, a testament to the enriching experience they found within our organization.

🎓 Agile PeopleOps Mastery: A highlight of our year has been the training of 120 members of our PeopleOps team in the Agile PeopleOps Framework Certified PeopleOps Specialist™ program. This marked a substantial milestone compared to previous years, showcasing our commitment to continuous growth and development.

🌐 Global Recruitment Mission: Currently, we operate with 15 dedicated hiring teams spanning diverse countries such as South Africa, Turkey, Vietnam, and more. Their collective mission revolves around recruiting Agile PeopleOps interns from these regions, aligning with our broader company goal of future-proofing individuals and teams to build a versatile next-gen workforce.

Success Stories Unveiled

Amidst these achievements, we’re excited to share some inspiring success stories and the transformative journey our PeopleOps team at Culturelligence has experienced. Each success story is a testament to our shared commitment to excellence and continuous innovation.

Nancy Kumi, Senior Scrum Master

My learning journey in Culturelligence has been an amazing one. Every milestone has been one filled with a new challenge and a victory. I have loved learning about Agile principles and how just being agile and thinking outside of the traditional HR way, there’s a lot more that can get done when people are viewed as resources to achieving organizational goals rather than just resources to exploit.

Asa Senior Scrum Master at Culturelligence, I am amazed at the lengths that I am willing to go to help others grow and see value in the internship and the opportunities it affords them. To have them think of themselves as valued assets to their organization and show them that their contributions matter. That they are not just a number but are people and are seen as such. In serving them, I have found that I am able to humble myself in the process and learn from them as well.

I have loved my journey thus far and look forward to growing even more as a person, Senior Scrum Master, and teammate.

Rutendo Kaseke, Senior Scrum Master

My journey began around 19 July 2021, when I responded to the LinkedIn job post. Kudos to Tatenga Ngara for the candidate experience. I had to go through an initial and final interview. Sarika Gupta made the final interview flawless. I onboarded on 20 August 2021, and it was quite an experience. My first time working remotely and being part of a global team. Nanzeni Mupingashato the team lead for Zimbabwe helped me settle in. It was still new for me.

Kgaugelo Motloutsi was assigned as my buddy she taught me some of the hacks. Trained me on click up, trello, and navigation around teams. For me that was the best experience ever. I remember pestering her day and night, and she is such a patient and gentle soul, always willing to help always laughing.

Recruiting was not something new for me, so I quickly settled in without any hassles.

I met fantastic interns and was able to bond quickly, I joined the employee engagement initiative and the buddy program. I was able to balance my time between my full time job, school and being part of Culturelligence. It was not easy, but being part of the team was worth it. I recruited a number of interns who have made a huge impact. After my 3 months, l was asked to become a mentor, for me that was something really huge and motivating, and I became a final interviewer. I couldn’t be more pleased with myself.

Unfortunately, due to work pressures and school, I had to leave Culturelligence for some time. It was one of the hardest decisions I had to make, as I made it my third home. I was now a certified PeopleOps Specialist an addition to my forever growing credentials. I implemented scrumban, which was jargon to the team that I was working with and I had to make it simple. I was forever grateful to all the people that I had met.

I couldn’t stay away again, as l missed everyone; as soon as my work and school pressure became manageable, I asked to come back. Oh and it was good to be back. I had to be reorientated by Nathanael and we just hit it off the first day. Then Charissa came into the picture, and it’s really been an incredible journey. Becoming a certified PeopleOps Scrum Master was the cherry on top of my ever-growing career. Being able to help when needed and playing that navigator’s role is really inspiring for me. The great skills that I have learned and gained since 2021 have been great in propelling my career. I’m now working on trying to grow PeopleOps in Zimbabwe.

My resolution for 2024 is to help the growth of PeopleOps in every space that l am in.

Many thanks to V Lakshmi Chirravuri, Sarika Gupta, Rakesh Bhoyar, NATHANAEL YUSUF, Charissa Plaatjies, Oluwatosin Ayodele, MBA, PHRi™, APF CPS™, APF CPSM™, just to mention a few, who have really had a significant impact in my growth with Culturelligence.

Chabala Chisha, Scrum Master (Team Angola)

Where do I even begin? My journey has been incredible at Culturelligence, I have learnt a lot these past months. From being just an intern to being a scrum master, I didn’t expect that to happen. When I first joined, I was an extreme introvert, to a point even conducting my first initial interview I was terrified 😂😂 but with time and the feedback I received it encouraged me. I always made sure I work hard and improve myself; this was all possible with Culturelligence and my wonderful team members.

Culturelligence has exceeded my expectations. Joining the organization while still in university, I didn’t really know what to expect from the Internship, plus it was remote. I can confidently say I have acquired several skills and grown a lot in these few months. I have come across amazing individuals from different backgrounds that have impacted my experience in Culturelligence positively. My journey at Culturelligence has also helped me grow my network on LinkedIn. I’ll always be grateful for this opportunity. It has been an awesome ride.

Fatima Ezzahra Hajaoui, Scrum Master (Team Tanzania)

I initially joined Culturelligence as a regular intern. Throughout my time here, I have had the privilege of growing both personally and professionally. From my early days as an intern to joining the research team, each step has been a valuable learning experience. As I progressed, I took on the role of Support Leader for Team Tanzania, which presented new challenges and opportunities for leadership. This journey further evolved, leading me to become the Scrum Master of my team.

The transition to this role allowed me to delve into the intricacies of Agile methodologies, fostering an environment of collaboration and continuous improvement. I want to express my sincere gratitude for the support and mentorship I’ve received, which has contributed significantly to my growth within the organization.

Culturelligence has not only been a workplace for me but a platform for continuous learning and professional development. I look forward to contributing further to the success of our team and am eager to continue learning and growing with Culturelligence. Thank you for providing a space where every individual’s journey is valued and celebrated.

Ifeoluwa Onabade, Scrum Master (Team Zambia)

I got on board in May 2023, and truthfully the ship has been sailing beautifully. (Wasn’t accepted at first) but due to my interest in Human resources I was given a second ticket and I’m loving it, I’ve grown over time, met great and intellectual people at Culturelligence. I’ve developed myself personally and still developing, safe to say Culturelligence has taught me patience, better communication and oh!

One thing I’m steadily practicing is CONSCIOUS LIVING (my most prized possession from an event by Agile PeopleOps Framework) this take away helped me at work and ever since I practiced that I haven’t looked back 😂. Looking forward to more here at Culturelligence 💜

Şherif Şahiner, Agile PO Intern

My internship journey has been amazing so far. I have had plenty of experiences during the internship as a person who hasn’t had any experience in this discipline before. That is why I really appreciate to have this opportunity. I have learned Agile methodology thanks to panels and conferences as well as our work way. Thanks to these educated conferences, my perspective has expanded. Right now, I believe that I am full of knowledge and experience. Furthermore, I am looking for more opportunities. Because, I have attended 2 out of 5 initiatives yet. I still need more time to realize my passion in this field.

Having a virtual internship is also a good advantage for me. Because living in a small city doesn’t give you so many opportunities to have an internship or job in the HR field. Besides, thanks to diverse background that Culturelligence has, I got to meet so many people from different cultures and countries. Using virtual applications allows us to search and find new kinds of technological innovations and advances. We have been familiar with advancement. I always feel like being encouraged to keep in touch with improvement. These are my thoughts and opinions about my Culturelligence Journey so far as far as I remember. Thank you for your interest and opportunity again.

Dylan Cilliers, Support Lead (Team Ethiopia)

My journey with Culturelligence has been marked by learning, gaining experience, and my interactions. Since I joined Culturelligence I have gained valuable insights into the sector of HR. I have been learning from the experiences of others within Culturelligence, learning how to conduct interviews, how to get over my anxieties to present, and I have learned valuable communication skills. I have also had the opportunity to learn about different cultures through my interactions with the diverse range of employees and teammates that compose Culturelligence, as well as through my interaction with the residents of the country that I am allocated to work with and my team members.

In essence, Culturelligence has provided me with a new set of skills that I wish to continuously improve upon and experiences that I will continue to carry with me and utilize in future endeavors, be it within my everyday personal life or my future career prospects.

Namatende.L. florence, Agile PO Intern

I joined Culturelligence as a People Operations intern with a passion for human resources management and a focus on recruitment, employee engagement, training, learning and development. During my internship, I worked on various projects that spanned continents and cultures and learned from the best in the industry.

Culturelligence has a free communication culture that fosters curiosity, creativity, co-creation, and compassion. I also appreciated the diversity and inclusion that Culturelligence promotes and practices. I feel that my internship at Culturelligence has helped me grow as a professional and as a person, and I am grateful for this experience.

Paul Okafor, Agile PO Intern

It’s been an invigorating time spent as a PO Intern at Culturelligence. I have had my fair share of knowledge acquisition and sharing my thoughts as regards various topics across the vast field of Human Resources. This has also boosted my interactive efforts. The collective team at Culturelligence has shown me how massive a broad HR community could be. Thank you, Culturelligence.

Blessing Ale. (ACIPM, HRPL), Agile PO Intern

I wanted to take a moment to provide feedback on my internship journey and express my gratitude for the invaluable experiences and learning opportunities I’ve had during my time here at Culturelligence.

1. Learning and Development: I am grateful for the opportunity to delve into various aspects of People Operations, from recruitment and onboarding to employee engagement. The hands-on experience has significantly contributed to my knowledge base, and I appreciate the mentorship provided by my Scrum master Eustace (Team Vietnam).

2. Project Contributions: I am proud to have been a part of Onboarding and Learning initiatives. These experiences allowed me to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios and develop practical skills in New Hires Onboarding.

3. Team Collaboration: Working with the People Operations team in Team Vietnam has been an enriching experience. The collaborative environment fostered open communication, and I felt comfortable seeking guidance when needed. I appreciate the team’s support and the positive atmosphere that made the workplace enjoyable. I encountered various challenges, such as Network issues, Insufficient applicants, and differing time zones, which allowed me to enhance my problem-solving skills and resilience.

I appreciate the constructive feedback, which was crucial to my personal and professional growth. In the spirit of continuous improvement, I would like to suggest early and more open communication across the organization. Thank you once again for this incredible opportunity.

Derin Kantarcı, Agile PO Intern

My journey began in August, with my interviews being conducted then. However, I couldn’t start until November because of some unexpected issues that came up on my end. Thankfully, everyone interacting with me during this process was understanding and helpful. Finally, I started my journey in November and have been a part of this family since then. I have to say, I enjoy being a part of this family and my team. Everyone was welcoming from the start, and I consider us good friends now.

This experience helped me gain more confidence in myself and my skills and helped me gain more knowledge about the industry I was passionate about by conducting interviews, interacting with teammates, communicating with candidates, etc. I am looking forward to the rest of this journey with enthusiasm and excitement! Thanks for giving me this fantastic opportunity!

Anissa Isaac, Agile PO Intern

This is Anissa Isaac from Team Ethiopia, and part of the Recruitment and Onboarding, Training and Development Initiative. I am writing to express my gratitude and share my incredible experience over the past two months with Culturelligence. Joining Culturelligence has been nothing short of transformative. In this relatively short period, I have had the opportunity to immerse myself in various aspects of Human Resources and Agile PeopleOps.

From learning to efficiently capture meeting minutes to anchoring meetings with finesse, attending enlightening intern onboarding sessions, and actively participating in the screening of CVs, my journey has been filled with valuable experiences.

One of the highlights has been actively contributing to the recruitment process—crafting engaging job posts, conducting initial interviews with potential candidates, and witnessing first-hand the meticulous use of platforms like Trello to gather a pool of potential candidates, which all go into building a skilled and diverse workforce. The hands-on experience and exposure to a wide array of HR activities have equipped me with practical skills that extend far beyond what I initially anticipated. I’ve not only honed my organizational and administrative abilities but have also developed a keen understanding of the intricacies involved in talent acquisition and management.

What sets Culturelligence apart is its commitment to fostering a dynamic and inclusive work environment. Having the freedom to structure my schedule has underscored the significance of agility and innovation, evident in every task, and transforming each day into a valuable learning opportunity.

I want to express my sincere appreciation to the entire Culturelligence team for their support and mentorship throughout my journey. I am genuinely excited about the continued growth and development that lies ahead as I navigate the dynamic landscape of HR with Culturelligence. Thank you for providing me with this enriching experience.

Lynn Thembisile Mbewe, Agile PO Intern

My journey with Culturelligence has been a different experience as my knowledge in Human Resources was a bit narrow. I never knew Trello existed until now. I like our huddles and how we update one another on how we are doing. I like the fact that Culturelligence is all about Agile practices, as this internship is very flexible.

Anna Awino Ogunde, Agile PO Intern

This is my third month since I joined Culturelligence, and until now, I have no regrets since it’s been a fantastic journey for me. When I joined, during the onboarding, there were some trainings that I didn’t understand, which got me worried about whether I could do my tasks well. The good news is the training team that, being my former SM Bukola, really came through, and I was able to understand everything.

Culturelligence has given me a great opportunity and when I leave, I can proudly say that I gained a lot. One of the HR parts that I’m always interested in is recruitment and I have really gained experience in that area, thanks to Culturelligence.

The journey is fantastic and has a lot of learning and unlearning, even if there are some challenges, but that’s normal, and sure, there’s always a solution. I am grateful and proud to be part of Culturelligence and wouldn’t mind being part of it in the future if given the opportunity. Thank you, Culturelligence.

Evelyn Philip Dodo, Agile PO Intern

My journey in Culturelligence has been a lovely one. I’m able to connect and learn from different people, minds, opinions, and perspectives from all over the world. My team has been excellent, as well as my Scrum Master, Ikbal Touti. She’s too good. Culturelligence is a training ground for me, and I’m glad I joined Culturelligence.

Inshra Gohar Jalees, Agile PO Intern

My Culturelligence journey has proven to be a highly enriching and gratifying practical experience, aligning seamlessly with my expectations upon embarking on this internship. Beyond the scope of my initial aspirations, the camaraderie established with my colleagues and scrum master has been characterized by a sense of familiarity as if I have known them for a lifetime. Their unwavering cooperation has significantly facilitated my work, as they consistently guide me and graciously address even the most fundamental of inquiries, rendering my tasks notably more manageable.

As we approach a new chapter, we extend our heartfelt gratitude for being an integral part of our community. Here’s to a year filled with growth, collaboration, and limitless possibilities!

🎉 Cheers to 2023 – A Year of Unprecedented Success!