Key Success Factors (KSFs) in Talent Acquisition

The Key Success Factors in Talent Acquisition include:

  • Create employer brand awareness through campaigns, videos, social networking and other engagement
  • TA leaders and teams are open to innovative thinking, roll out and iterate new experiments to source-screen-assess-hire
  • Be comfortable to pilot, fail and learn (growth mindset), and be agile
  • The triads (hiring managers, recruiters and employees) and key stakeholders in the talent acquisition process collaborate via TAthons to address problems and maximize outcomes
  • Customize and personalize messages to talent (internal & external)
  • The TA team establishes the “human connects” with talent to create positive engagement and ‘aha experience’
  • Periodic appreciation from the leadership team to reinforce positive behaviors Key Success Factors

(packaged from conversations with HR & TA leaders, research, NASSCOM HR Summit takeaways, and learning)

These KSFs will help TA leaders and teams to tread the path of hiring agility. However, it’s imperative to note that every TA team and organization will have its own set of challenges. How we prioritize those challenges, work on them, and create new boxes of solutions is of utmost importance. Having said that, how do we achieve them?

The culturelligence team (of advisory partners and coaches) has embarked on conducting discovery sessions, humble inquiries to think through a given process in a structured & meaningful way, coach the team, encourage meaningful conversations among stakeholders, build awareness, and implement process improvement action steps that foster nimbleness and are outcome-oriented. Interested to have a dialogue to seek discovery and coaching sessions to unpack your TA team and organization potential? Feel free to book your slot and our team will connect-converse-cocreate with you. Thank you!