Agile For Hr: Take this Agile HR Adoption Survey and Find Out!

Agile HR is the buzzword in today’s business era. Few HR leaders and Change Champions have begun embracing agile principles, values, and practices at the team and organizational levels. However, embracing this paradigm shift in HR function is not a cakewalk for most of the leaders and champions. For the shift to be meaningful and sustainable, the key attributes an HR practitioner should have is an inclination to

  • Move away from annual traditional processes to more ongoing and incremental processes
  • Understand the true essence of what it is begin practicing at a small scale.
  • Experiment and learn from failures.
  • Deliver value to internal clients (employees) and support other functions to deliver value to external customers.
  • Practice and promote cross-functional synergy
  • Build servant leadership and cultural agility

The shift to Agile HR should begin with assessing your HR function/organization’s current state. The checklist “Agile HR Adoption Readiness” will help determine where you stand with regard to Agile HR adoption and what should be your focal areas to embrace HR agility. Additionally, this checklist will help you identify opportunities for improvement on a priority scale of high to low.

To download Agile HR Adoption Readiness Checklist, click here. The checklist will be sent to your inbox.

Let us know where you are on the Agile HR movement continuum. Based on your current team and organizational dynamics, if there is anything you would like to add to the checklist, feel free to let us know. Thank you very much!