Your tasks will be

  • Prepare the work plan and tasks sheet for Social Media Marketing (SMM) teams
  • Delegate the tasks to SMM teams and ensure they complete the assigned tasks as per the deadlines
  • Strategize and brainstorm digital marketing & branding ideas with the team
  • Work with the team and strive toward continuous internal process improvement
  • Work with the People Operations team to streamline the onboarding process of SMMs
  • Foster collaboration skills within and between the teams
  • Analyze the impact & organic reach the SMMs are making with their posts, and modify the work plan (if necessary)
  • Work cross-collaboratively with other teams and leaders to build the company brand and presence
  • Participate in diverse initiatives to hone your learning capabilities

What we expect from you

  • Students ‘currently pursuing’ Post Graduation in Management (HR, Marketing, etc. ).
  • Interested in working with a global distributed team
  • Ability to take leadership and manage the projects on their own
  • Creative thinker
  • Willing to contribute 4-5 hours per day
  • Must have Laptop and Internet connection

What you will get in return

  • Not to miss an opportunity to work in Talent Management at an Agile HR Company for three months.
  • Get an Internship completion certificate.
  • Work from the comfort of your home with the benefit of flexible working hours.
  • Platform to learn, experiment and build skills & capabilities (real-time) in social media marketing
  • Get an Internship completion certificate.
  • If you take an initiative on a project and complete it well, in time, the reward will be a Project Initiative Gratitude Certificate
  • Endorsements on LinkedIn
  • Recommendations on your LinkedIn profile from our Leaders and team.

Talent Management Intern