Employee Experience

Connect – Converse – Co-create: A Strategy for Creating Employee Experience

Why Employee Experience is important? In 21st-century era, business leaders and human resources practitioners must develop strategies to build valuable employee experience. Creating an enriched experience for employees helps [...]

Talent Acquisition

Sourcing Meetups: a Sourcing Strategy in Talent Acquisition

Talent Acquisition landscape is being redefined. Why one should opt Sourcing Strategy/Talent Acquisition? Failure of traditional talent acquisition and recruitment practices to hire right talent in right time, an [...]


Agile For Hr: Take this Agile HR Adoption Survey and Find Out!

Agile HR is the buzzword in today’s business era. Few HR leaders and Change Champions have begun embracing agile principles, values and practices at team and organization levels. However, [...]


Talent-as-a-Service (TaaS): a uberisation of workforce

Talent-as-a-Service (TaaS) is gaining prominence in today’s war for talent economy. It is the most recent disruption in talent acquisition function – a transition from traditional recruitment to an agile [...]


“Being Responsive and Responsible” – key attribute of leaders for healthy effective culture

There have been numerous articles and blog posts that explicate positive attributes and qualities of leaders. Recently, I read an article The Missing Link in Culture Success: An Interview with [...]

Experience and learning

Becoming an Accredited Culture Consultant – Lessons learned…

This article was first published on “Experience” and “learning” are two powerful words that shape and strengthen personal and professional accountability, effectiveness, and success. These two words are close [...]

beyond Recruitment

Talent Acquisition – thinking beyond Recruitment

Today (April 9, 2017) I completed reading “Talent Acquisition (TA) Enter the Cognitive Recruiter” section in Deloitte 2017 Human Capital Trends Report. Found it interesting as Talent Acquisition ranks as a [...]


Neuronal Networks – Metaphor For 21st Century Workforce

What Are Neurons & Networks? Neurons serve as a medium of communication (facilitated by synapses) within the human system and brain by processing signals physiologically and electrochemically. In other words, [...]