Social skills Survey

Social skills survey on Culturelligence employees.

The company must know the social skills of its employees to ensure that everyone is happy at the end of the day and make a great team. So, we, [...]


To Grow and Understand Your Mindset

A growth mindset is a general theory that states that a mind consists of a set of assumptions, methods or notions held by an individual or a group of [...]

HR function

Taking People / HR function to the Next Level

HR function to the Next Level It’s a well-known fact that we are sailing in a highly turbulent and complex business environment, that is highly uncertain and volatile. The [...]

Traditional Recruitment, the first step of the Recruitment process is to identify the current vacant positions, set up budgets for hiring new recruits, onboarding, and training.

Traditional Recruitment vs. Agile Recruitment

Agile HR, Agile Recruitment, Recruitment, Talent Acquisition [...]

Traditional Recruitment

Recruitment Process (Traditional and Agile)

Traditional Recruitment Process Traditional Recruitment, the first step of the Recruitment process is to identify the current vacant positions, set up budgets for hiring new recruits, onboarding, and training.   The entire process involves job analysis, writing a job description and, sharing it on various [...]

A Quick Introduction to Agile

A Quick Introduction to Agile

Quick Introduction to Agile In today’s 21st century business era, leaders in various industries and functions (such as marketing, human resources, sales, supply chain) realize the importance of agile [...]

Candidate Journey

Candidate Journey / Experience Map – Do You Think Your Organization Might Need One?

Candidate Journey Maps functions exactly the same way and becomes even more important for every organization, considering the candidate back-out ratios, brand images and competitor benefits Its high time organizations [...]

Selection Approach for Corporate Executives

Selection Approach for Corporate Executives

Selection Approach for Corporate executives are individuals who occupy top-level seats within any organization Every job family is unique and dynamic in its way with regards to the job [...]

Agile PeopleOps Framework

Agile PeopleOps Framework

Agile PeopleOps ,Today agile practices are not just limited to engineering function but quickly spreading across various other functions including Human Resources (HR). Irrespective of the company size or [...]

Psychological Safety

Psychological Safety: a necessity for organizational success

What is psychological safety?  Psychological Safety is defined as “being able to show and employ one’s self without fear of negative consequences of self-image, status or career” (Kahn, 1990). In a psychological safe environment, [...]