Agile Recruitment

The standard traditional recruitment process is broken

Corporate recruiters practicing the traditional hiring are overloaded with open positions, with no clarity of how and when to close them. Additionally, the connect between the recruiters and the hiring managers is stunted. Despite claims of commitments to stellar candidate experience, the average company is failing candidates. Infact, most recruiters are so busy overcomplicating candidate experience that they forget the basics or just don’t get what candidate experience is really (like really!) about

The recruitment industry needs to be streamlined and optimized. In a BIG way. And, creating an agile recruitment process is the answer.

Agile recruitment is based on the principles and values of agile methodology.

One may question how we implement agility to the recruitment process. Here is a high-level overview of the process steps:

  • The Hiring Manager/ Client/ Human Capital Owner and the Leaders (Business Units, HR, Finance, Talent Acquisition Head) are to collaborate and strategize the hiring for the year/quarter
  • The Recruitment Scrum Team along with the Scrum Master and Human Capital Owner work in sprint cycles, and stay committed to their sprint plan and goals. SPOCs (single point of contacts) are identified for various activities and for the tools/websites/channels that could be used
  • The in-house candidates are first preferred, followed by employee referrals, database, and then other channels
  • Every activity is documented, and the results are captured and discussed during the sprint cadences
  • A Kanban board is maintained to display the live flow of the recruitment value stream and the team uses the workflow visualization board during their cadence conversations
  • Hired candidates are onboarded as per the pre-set timelines and the same is published to everybody concerned  
  • Through this process, one has a scope to change the plan/process at the beginning of every sprint and thus realign their learnings and the process to the goal
  • The candidate experience has been proven to be great in agile recruiting as the candidates are informed at every stage and are able to plan accordingly. The stellar candidate experience is embedded in this process.

The entire process flow is planned and transparency exists throughout the process. All the stakeholders involved are committed to partner, collaborate and work as a one-team to achieve their hiring goals and build positive candidate experience.

Author : Kalyani Pantangi